Woman Opens One Year Old Watermelon

Watermelons are the love of everyone during summertime. There are numerous watermelon benefits for it to be considered a king of summer fruits. It helps you keep hydrated during sunny days. It contains beneficial nutrients that can prevent cancer. Its sweet and watery flavor makes it a favorite for children and adults alike.

And fruits also decompose when not eaten. Extreme caution is required with fruits and vegetables that get rotten too quickly. Eating fruits and vegetables past their prime time can be fatal for health, sometimes even leading to death.

But can you imagine what happens to a watermelon when you don’t cut it for one year? Does it go dark, or it shrinks down? Will it lose its texture and contents?

Well, it sounds like someone has already tried it, and if you imagine the watermelon to have gone dark, full of mold and slimy black, then you are wrong. The results are not at all what you would expect. A woman named Nita Gill has uploaded a video on her YouTube channel celebrating the birthday of her 1-year-old Watermelon. She said:

Have you ever observed the first birthday of a watermelon? I know I haven’t! And yes, you heard it right, I told the first birthday of watermelon, not celebrating the first birthday with a watermelon.

According to her, Nita got the watermelon over a year ago before she made the video. Initially, she just left it for a few months, but later on, she decided to experiment with it to see what happens to it when left for a whole year. And the results she got are quite impressive.

The exterior of the Watermelon

The color of the Watermelon was still green from outside; only a tiny part of it was covered in mold, which is quite incredible for a fruit. But It felt a bit slimy and lighter in weight from before and looked a bit deformed. It had also got some scars and scratches.

Time to cut it open

When cutting the watermelon, it didn’t precisely want to cut a watermelon. It was incredibly soft and relatively comfortable to cut through. Think it of as cutting a squash.

What about the insides?

From the inside, the watermelon lost its texture and color. From a water-filled, hard red flesh, it turned into a mushy watermelon. In terms of color, it was safe to say that it’s now a light-pink watermelon, something like an off-color pumpkin that is certainly not suitable to be eaten. And the contents of the watermelon were just lost. It was hollow and had all dried up.

The reaction of people

The video received many hilarious comments describing the feelings of the viewers. One such comment was: Imagine murdering a watermelon on its first birthday -Safadh Another person shares an account of her watermelon that she has kept for almost six months: I think mines six months it’s starting to feel a little soft and the whiter parts look yellower…I’m afraid to open it. Maybe I should smash it -Teeko Train

So, was it of any worth at all?

Well, keeping fruit for a year, just for it to become inedible, is not a great idea and is undoubtedly a waste of time and money. But humans are a curious being, and if humans hadn’t done all these weird experiments, then the progress that humans have made today won’t be possible at all.