The Reason Why Your Dog Loves Licking You

Dogs love to lick, and If you are a pet owner, you would have observed that they usually lick your face out of the blue. It is safe to say that you might be wondering why that happens, and we’ve got the answers for you.

Show of affection

Image par Terri Cnudde de Pixabay

On close analysis, there are lots of reasons behind face licking. One such reason is the fact, that’s one of the ways via which they exhibit their affection and love. In most cases licking of the face could be a sign that the bond between dog and owner is strong. Licking of the face could also be a show of excitement or just a way to greet you after a long day out.

A sign of hunger

Image par litthouse de Pixabay

Our skin is usually salty due to sweat, and the salty taste can be an attraction to dogs, most notably when they are hungry. Hunger sometimes propels your dog to lick your face. Overall, your pup just enjoys your company, and the best way to show that love is by licking your face.

It is a good feeling

Image par angel1238812 de Pixabay

Dogs love to lick, and there is no doubt about that. One of the reasons why they lick a lot is the fact that the feeling is quite good, and it is something they cherish a lot. It is a joyful experience for them, and it allows them to be quite expressive. They normally lick a lot as a way to show you that they care about you and that they feel secure around you.

To curb boredom

Sometimes when your pups are all by themselves, they usually get bored, and one of the ways they express that boredom is by licking. Whereas some dogs will play with their chew toy or chase their tail all day long, others just want to rest on you and lick your face.


Image par wernerdetjen de Pixabay

Cats aren’t the only ones who have the curiosity trait, dogs also have them as well. One of the way dogs exhibit their curiosity is by licking your face. With this act, a dog can know if you are happy or relaxed. Over time, dogs have been known to be sensory animals, and one of the tools they employ is their tongue. So the next time your dog licks you, maybe he is just curious.

Final thoughts

Dog’s licking is not only cute, but it is also fun. There are lots of things to hate in this world, but a dog licking your face isn’t one of them. Most people usually complain that the action is unhealthy and that a puppy’s saliva can be full of bacteria. All of these are false, and it has been proven over time that a dog’s lick is actually good for your health. There are a couple of studies that have shown the therapeutic effect of a dog’s saliva and kisses on owners. Don’t shy away from your dog licking your face, instead embrace it, and be happy that you have a dog that loves you so much.