Now We Know Why Women Live Longer Than Men…

It is common knowledge that most men only mature when they turn 40. And due to this fact, it is common to see men doing hilariously entertaining activities that are often dangerous and can prove to be fatal if not done carefully.

Here is a list of instances where men are working in hilariously dangerous, and it will make you question their choice of working there.


Dumb move or smart?

The police officer is taking a rest, but something does not seem right. It may sound funny, but what if the gun’s safety was off. Police officers surely need better training in handling their weapons and probably be given more free time with access to resting benches.


Yah, let us clean that peck on the window.

This man surely has balls of steel. Cleaning like this while holding the window, on the other hand, is dangerous, and it will only take one gust of wind to disbalance him, and you can imagine the rest. There could be no justification for why someone would put themselves in danger unless there is something special to be proven.


Just one swipe of paint

Why is his supposed “staircase” not breaking apart? That much weight on it should break it. Secondly, what if he falls, hits the lantern and damage multiple things in the process? Indeed, the man must have the techniques and skills of a ninja.

No protection? No problem

I will use a plastic bag instead. How is this man even breathing? And why did he think a plastic bag to be safe? One quick burst and the bag melts down, damaging his face in the process. Or he may even suffocate in the plastic bag before unfortunate happens.


Just don’t drop him

It’d have been much better if he climbed down by himself. One slip of his toes and off he goes to the mighty heavens. At least tie a rope and then lower someone.


An impressive example of teamwork

These guys must be missing their trip to Catalonia and decided to build a human ladder back at work. Or maybe they had a cut in funding and could no longer afford a ladder.

When the elevator is full

Imagine a truck giving a lift to your delivery man up to your window. There must’ve been legal consequences after such a dangerous act. It seems like a perfect representation of the phrase, “can you give me a lift?”.


Putting the ladder to a good use

This guy must have gone to a circus last night. Many things could go wrong here. What if he loses his balance? Will he hang on the power lines or jump? Indeed, a severe injury is not inevitable if the becomes careless and loses control.

Hang on their friend

Quite a smart way to hold someone on the ladder. You may be wondering what could go wrong here? Well, the ladder is rusty, and imagine it breaking off. The plank of wood won’t support a man that heavy for long.


When you don’t have enough to pay for delivery

One steep turn by the driver and the guy is down with the fridge included. What were they even thinking about that? One can at least get some ropes to tie that fridge around the windows. Certainly, seems like a dumb plan by teenagers enjoying life.


Bon apetit

For these men, signs and warnings do not matter at all. The signs restrict eating, and the place indeed contains some toxic elements that may prove fatal if it crept its way into the food. Nonetheless, the confidence of these men putting spaghetti on their plates is something to be praised.


When your friends are creative engineers

The amount of physics playing here is surprising. Four persons, including a tractor, support the ladder! That’s too much only to change a light bulb.


Sounds like hypocrisy

This man is putting up a sign containing a safety message while putting his safety at risk. Or maybe the company cares more about its business than the safety of their workers. Whatever the case be, it is dangerous yet hilarious to see someone do this.


When you get too serious on conserving

The company does not certainly care for its employees but seems to care about the resources of the planet. The plastic bottle can quickly become a hazardous choice if the worker lost control of the cutter and fell. Also, how is his vision not distorted by that plastic bottle?


Indeed, men can live carelessly and do dangerous and hilarious things without caring for their safety. It is also scientifically proven that men live shorter lives on average than their women counterparts; the above pictures explain why this is the case.