Most Common Food Allergens For Dogs

Pets (most especially dogs) are not resistant to allergies. In most cases, dogs can develop certain allergies to specific ingredients in the best dog foods. It doesn’t matter if the food is premium, and it is made it high-quality ingrеdiеntѕ, and little or no fillers, your dog can still develop allergies. The reason for this is that some dogs are allergic to some ingredients irrespective of their quality grade.

Before we get started, let’s take a look at what exactly Food allergy is.

What is a food allergy?

A food allergy initiates an immune response. It usually happens when the dog’s immune system identifies a food ingredient as harmful. When this happens, your body goes into a defensive mode, and antibodies are made to combat the perceived threat. Some of the common signs of food allergy include; Itchy paws, pigmented skin, red eyes, sneezing, and so on.

Food allergy is hereditary and can be inherited from parents. Some of the foods dogs are allergic to include; egg, beef, pork, wheat, and so on. It is time to take a more comprehensive look at some of the most common causes of food allergy in dogs.

Most common food allergens for dogs


A variety of studies have revealed that the consumption of soy can lead to allergy and various arrays of health complications like thyroid, growth issues, and lots more. If you are tempted to feed your dog any food containing soy, you should take a different approach and stop yourself from doing that. The risks and health challenges are more than any benefit gotten from soy


For a while, lamb has been a tasty treat for dogs. However, they have the ability to cause an allergic reaction. Although they can be quite tasty, you should not be tempted into giving your dog lamb meat. Venison is a good alternative you should consider.


Eggs are no exception. When your dog has an egg allergy, it means your dog’s immune system is reacting to the proteins in the egg yolk. Pay extra attention to food labels, and ensure you avoid those with eggs on their lists of ingredients.


Lamb, beef, and chicken all fall under the same category. Although chicken can be a good alternative for your dog, it can cause some allergic reaction. Pay great attention to what your dog consumes.


The most common sources of food allergens are proteins. When you constantly feed your dog a specific food for a particular duration of time, it can quickly develop an allergy to some of the ingredients. One of the most common ingredients in pet foods is beef and might be the reason why it has become the source of the most food allergen.


Although it is more common for dogs to have allergic reactions to meat than any other ingredients, they still have allergic reactions to grains like wheat. Always check with your vet before you feed your dog any grains.


Although most times, dairy problems are usually associated with intolerance, they can also be an actual allergy. Dairy allergy often comes in the form of skin itchiness and other symptoms.