Duct Tape Tricks You Need to Know

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Duct tape is one of the most versatile products on the market today. While it got its name from being the tape that effectively held metal air ducts together years ago, it is used for so much more today. And available in many more colors than the silver it used to come in. Here are ten ways you’ve probably never thought of using duct tape!


1. Stop Shoes from Slipping

You are out shoe shopping. You find the perfect pair of shoes and can’t wait to wear them to your next girl’s night out. Then, the inevitable happens. You put them on and take a step, only to discover your gorgeous new shoes have no grip on the sole. For obvious reasons, you cannot go out and risk an injury wearing your new shoes. But don’t fret. You can still wear your gorgeous shoes.


Grab your roll of duct tape, rip off a couple of pieces and place them on your shoes, so the bottoms are covered. Try to keep the tape more in the center and not on the edges. You don’t want the tape to be sticking out! Once you’ve placed the tape, scored it with scissors or a knife a few times. Now when you walk, you will have the perfect amount of grip.


2. Eliminate Bugs From Your House or Tent

Have you ever been chasing flies around your house with a fly swatter and feel like you are getting nowhere? Instead of spending your day swatting at the air, reach for your roll of duct tape.


Rip a few strips of duct tape off the roll and hang them from the ceiling. While they are flying around, they will eventually fly right into the duct tape and become stuck. Once you’ve caught them, all that’s left is to throw the strips of tape into the garbage. This trick also works while you are camping, just attach the tape to the “ceiling” of your tent.


3. Get ALL the Dust off the Floor


Do you know the frustration of trying to sweep all the dirt from the floor to your dustpan? When it seems like no matter what you do, there is still a line of dirt on your floor along the edge of the dustpan? Finally, there is a solution-duct tape. Tape the edge of your dustpan to the floor with your duct tape. Now all the dirt will get to the dustpan!


4. Super-Sized Lint Roller


Lint rollers are great for getting the pet hair and other dust off your clothing, but what about when you want to get it all off your curtains? Creating your super-sized lint brush will make it easy to clean the hair and dirt off any surface. Wrap an old paint roller in duct tape with the sticky side facing out. Run the roller over your furniture or other surfaces, and you will be dust-free in no time.



5. Protect Your Floors

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Have you ever noticed your chairs or furniture sliding across your wood floors? No matter how hard you try, you end up with scratches on the floor. This is easily fixed with duct tape. Cut a piece of tape that is the same size as the bottom of your furniture. Stick it underneath, and now it is both invisible and effective at protecting your floor.



6. Create Garden Labels

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Watching your plants grow is a lot of fun. It is even more fun when you know what is growing! There are lots of different ways you can use duct tape to label your herbs, flowers, or vegetables when you plant them. You can wrap a piece of duct tape around a popsicle stick and write on it, or just color code what you are growing with different rolls of tape. You can also use a ballpoint pen to etch your plant’s name into the tape to create a raised label.



7. Keep Your Chips Fresh

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Chip clips are great. If you can find them when you are looking for them, they aren’t all used, and they aren’t broken. An easy alternative to chip clips is a small piece of duct tape. The tape will keep the air out of your chips and save you the annoyance of looking for the clip when you are putting your chips away.



8. Homemade Luggage Tag

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If you have ever been in a crowded airport, you know that finding your bag can be challenging. Especially when your bag is the same color as so many other bags, and, depending on where you travel, you likely will find at least one bag that is similar to yours. To make your bag stand out, choose a brightly colored duct tape, and attach it to your bag. This will make your bag easy to identify.



9. Stop a Hose from Leaking

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If you find a puncture in your hose or leaks around the nozzle, you can stop it with duct tape. Ensure that your hose is dry, around where you are placing the duct tape as water will prevent the tapes adhesive from working effectively. Wrap duct tape around your hose in the problem area and press hard to ensure no bubbles or excess air under the tape. Give the adhesive a little while to stick to the hose, and then your hose will be as good as new.



10. Fix a Popped Tire

A popped tire when you don’t have a spare in your car creates quite a dilemma. And fixing it is a pain. Since you can’t drive on the tire without risking even more damage to the wheel, you need to call a tow truck to come to take your car into a mechanic to have the hole fixed.


If the hole in the tire is small enough, you can use duct tape to get yourself to the mechanic without having to pay for a tow. Wrap duct tape around your tire, covering the hole as best as you can. While this is not a permanent fix to the problem, it should be enough to get you to your mechanic without causing more damage.