Best Bob Hairstyles For Women Over 50

When considering a haircut, we all go through a debate of long versus short hair at least in our head. We weigh the benefits, features and the styling options that the haircut will offer us, and, on that basis, we make our judgment.

Short hair is easier to manage and style, requires less effort and consume less time when styling. On the other hand, long hair is considered to give more styling options because of the length and volume they offer and the perception about short hair is that it offers less styling prospects. However, that is not necessarily true as shorter lengths can also offer various options in which you can carry your hair.

The bob hairstyle is a chin-length haircut and is the most common short hair option adopted by many females. It is a broad category under which there are tons of hairstyles and haircut options. Bob hairstyle offers several ways in which you can style your hair. The various options differ based on angles, layers and shapes.

You can get an angled bob which is short at the neck and then is followed by longer layers around the chin. The longer layers allow the haircut to give an illusion of longer hairlocks. With the bob haircut, you can also go with rounded thick bangs to add some drama to your look and personality, or you can complement your bob haircut with cute baby bangs to give yourself a little edge and glasses to pull off the cute nerdy look.

If you plan to try something bold and adventurous with your hair, you can always turn to dyeing, highlighting or streaking your hair as colors plays along amazingly with short hair and pastel color is the best combination with bob haircuts. However, you can adventure with other colors as well if you think they align with your personality. Bob cut makes it easier to pull off colored hair.

Naturally curly hair makes bob look extremely beautiful as it assists in bringing in more volume to your hair. You can also straighten your hair in order to create a smooth cap of hair that looks shiny and silky and give your hair a polished and graceful look.

Although when bob hairstyles first pop up in our mind, we have a general perception that it does not offer variety, but the reality is, there are different alternatives that one can choose from. Bob offers diverse styles and cuts that can work along with every personality. Check out few of the finest bob hairstyles for females who are in their 50s or above and decide for yourself that what is going to be your next hairstyle when you visit the salon for your next hair appointment!


Flipped Flapper Bob

With this sassy haircut, allow yourself to channel the 1920s flapper. The bob has a deep side part and goes all the way up to your ears. The cut also has a minor side bang whose ends flip out providing a flirty aesthetic to your look.


Wispy Bobs

The distinguishing factor of this bob is that at the back, the locks are layered, and the length is short. This feature makes this bob look like a pixie. The sides are however longer and finer giving you room to play with the length. You can curl the thinner ends to give them a dramatic, half-done effect.


Sleek Curls

In case you decide to stick with a long bob (lob), you can use a straightener to give your hair a glossy, shiny and smooth look. After straightening, you can give your hair loose curls at the end using the straightener only. This will give your hair a neat and tidy look and the result will be impressive and stylish.


Longer Curls

The angled bob is a common and preferred look, however, if you want to have a little more length, you can keep the layers around your face longer than usual. This will also give you an option to curl them sometimes, to change your look and can give you the illusion that you have longer hair.


Edith Head Bob

Edith Head – the legendary costume designer – is someone to look up to when planning to get a bob haircut as you can mimic the iconic hairstyle that she had when she was younger. Her iconic bob had heavy bangs and smooth, silky, straight hair. With this hairstyle, you will need loads of shine spray, as you will be required to spray it on each lock of hair before you straighten it.


Pastel Bobs

You can always add a bottle of fun and adventure to your bob by complementing it with some color. To spice up your look and be bold, you can color your hair a pastel hue.


Thinned Tips

If you are looking for a haircut that offers you shorter hair yet help you build volume, thinned tips is the right option for you. This haircut offers thin tips which do not weigh your hair down, while the crown has lots of short layers that naturally pile up on top of each other creating height and giving your hair volume.


Slight Dents

If you want to try something different with your bob to create a new look, you can give the ends of your locks some half-curled dents. This can be done by running a flat iron through it and curling the ends just a little and then brushing them out.


Baby Bangs

You can add on baby bangs – that cover half of the forehead, to your bob to give it an interesting look.


High Volume Curls

If you naturally have curly hair, play with the natural look with a short bob haircut. Let the curls spring out at their maximum volume creating a full, circular bob.


Blown-Out Bob

Blow dry your hair and curl the ends towards inside if you are looking for a classic bob. Additionally, you can curl out the piece of hair that surrounds your face to add a stylish flip.