5 Things Your Cats Would Love To Tell You

If there is, one thing cats are known for is their discretion. Along with their discretion, cats are also known for their supreme intelligence and communication skills. The latter is something they try to do in various ways, and although they don’t speak, they do have a way to express themselves. Ever wondered what your cats aren’t telling you? Well, we’ve compiled a list of some of the things they really want to tell you.

You would make a terrible cat

Cats see us as one of their own. They recognize us as a fellow cat. In their eyes, we are a special breed. They see us like a huge, clumsy cat, that has a lot to learn in order to behave like a proper cat.

Unlike dogs who alert their behaviors when they are around us, cats treat us like their own, they treat us like family. If you pay close attention to them, you will always see that your cats try to show a certain level of care to us more than any other pets.

Listen to the meow

A meow is one trait every cat has. It is their unique call, and depending on the type of vocalizations, a meow could mean many things. A meow could signify hunger, or that something is wrong. As a cat parent, it is essential you are able to decipher what message your cat is trying to pass along, and respond to them accordingly. The more attention you pay to your cat, the more experienced you become at understanding what they have to say.

My purring could mean something else

Some cat parents, purring, is a sign of happiness, but this isn’t the case most times. Sometimes purring could mean they are dealing with anxiety or stress. Other times, it is a way of self-soothing to enable the cat to heal from injury or illness.

If you notice that the purring is reoccurring every now and then, it could mean that your cat is either ill or battling with stress. In such a situation, you should get in touch with your vet immediately.

I need more attention

Cats have an average life expectancy of about 14 years, and in all their duration, they crave for your attention more often than not. The more time you spend with your cats, the healthier they would be, and that translates into a long life. Carve out time to get to play with your cat, and regularly cuddle them up.

I miss you

Although cats are known to be solitary pets, they do not enjoy being alone most times. Some cats even go as far as to exhibit signs of separation anxiety like meowing, or excessive scratching. The more time you spend away from your cats, the more they will miss you.