15+ Winners Of The Food Lottery

Ever wondered what being lucky feels like? That feeling is unquestionably an outstanding one. It flips your lousy day into a cheerful and memorable one. But have you ever gotten fortunate together with your food? What it’s like when people get their luck struck with food? Here’s an inventory of 15 instances where people’s stars aligned with their food.

Treat for two

This person was blessed two egg-yolks, probably won’t need any further protein that day.


An Extra Pizza rolls

Few folks can fully satisfy their pizza rolls crave on a full pack so, an additional piece won’t hurt.


An extra Hot Dog hidden

What does it seem like when an additional hot dog is hidden behind others in plain sight?


Cuteness overloaded

Round, bright oranges are cute, but how about overloading that cuteness with another lovely little orange inside it?


Four is better than one

If you’re keen on green grapes, then this unique grape contains the fun and juicy delight of 4 grapes combined


All you can eat

Often get short on cash when buying snacks? Well, this slot machine won’t allow you to back down. It’s certainly a dream come true for everybody out there.


One Strawberry isn’t enough

If you’re an individual who waits patiently for strawberry season and loves eating strawberries but hates washing and cutting the top each time, then you’ll love these strawberries.

Four strawberries aren’t enough? Then have a glance at this giant strawberry.


A clean slate Watermelon

It’s a hot sunny day, you come home and eat watermelon, but you’ve got to trot out the rind on that and leave it half-finished, and you hate doing that, but this delicate cut watermelon will make all of your sorrows getaway.


Bun dipped in seeds

Do you like that sesame seeds on your bread and want that there have been more seeds on it? This bun has gotten you covered.


Avocado made in heaven

If you’re an avocado lover, you’ll know what I mean. This avocado is crammed with juicy fruit and nothing else. Indeed, a dream come true for several.


A fiver sized chip

We all love chips that are large enough so that we will munch on them for long. This chip will make your fantasy come true.


An extra Pizza

Bored Panda

This guy was blessed with the experience of getting an additional pizza together with his two other pizzas. Not all folks are blessed like this every day.


An extra pop-tart

Who doesn’t like to binge all the pop-tarts? And how about having an addition to satisfy that hunger.


Double the fun

Two Rafaellos in one pack? It looks like an exquisite tale, but it happened with someone in real life!


When nature makes thing colorful

Now isn’t this cute and wonderful? A little green pepper is hidden inside a red one!


Merged up shreddies

Want to eat those shreddies dry? Here is a complete shreddies bar for you, enjoy.

This concludes the list of 15 instances where people got lucky with their food. Not everyone gets to possess these moments, but when someone does, they ought to always capture those unique moments to be remembered later.