12 Surprising Produce That Don’t Grow the Way You Think

With the advancement in technology and crop growing techniques, today, we no longer feel the necessity to grow our food as everything is quickly available everywhere. And with the advancement in Supply-Chain, you’ll produce evolved in a completely different area, and because of modern preservation techniques, you’ll have them during a completely different season.

But as a result of the excessive convenience, we’ve entirely emptied our minds from the knowledge of how crops are grown.

We have compiled an inventory of 12 most surprising produce that we could’ve never imagined are grown in their way.




Pineapples grow in one of the most notorious ways. You would’ve never imagined that they come from crazy spikey looking bushes that grow out of the bottom and the fruit sprouts within the center of the plant.


Sesame Seeds


Can you imagine sesame seeds are extracted from little green pods that grow from the bottom and are referred to as buds?




These cultivate big beautiful purple flowers that have feathery tops, and it takes them two years to flower completely!


Brussel Sprouts


Brussel sprouts grow in a cluster, and they appear like a cabbage. They belong to the Germmifera group of cabbages and grow from a plant that’s about 2.5 to 4cm in diameter.




Capers are the unopened buds of flowers that are grownup on a vine of pretty white flowers. Caper bush can reach heights of up to three feet and may have a width of 4-5 feet.




You won’t believe that Pistachios are grown as clusters on trees and that they seem like mangoes initially. They will take anywhere from 7-20 years to raise ultimately and are then processed by machines or dry roasted.




These grow like flowers and hang on the vine until they’re able to be harvested. They will take 1-3 years to nurture and get ready to be collected ultimately.




Contrary to popular belief, growing saffron is pretty straightforward. What makes the saffron cost so high is that the manual labor involved. You’ll get to plant 50-60 saffron flowers to make enough for one tablespoon!




Cinnamon is simply a tree bark that’s dried. Though there’s a particular sort of tree that grows to cinnamon, it’s easy to grow, and a tree can last for years with none special care.




Okay, Cranberries are exciting. They grow from underwater shrubs as flowers that afterward become a fruit.




The chocolate you eat is formed from cacao beans that are found in a pod called Cacao. It takes five years for the tree to grow a pod and 500 grains to form a pound of chocolate.




The most fascinating is the growth of Coffee beans. Most folks think that they begin as beans, but they resemble a cherry. These bright-colored berries are liable for giving the caffeine punch, which helps us to kick off our mornings.

By all counts, we might never know how these items are grown if we did not have today’s modern communication systems. Who would’ve thought that the coffee beans you ground are grown as cherry-like fruits?